Ceremony Sound

Many DJ companies offer sound for the ceremony, but most are not sound professionals. It is a kind of “Hey, I will be there anyway, so for a little extra I can play the music for the ceremony”. Most take part of their dance floor system out to the ceremony site and play the music. Why trust something so important to amateurs?

Here is how I am different:

I have been doing professional sound setup for over 30 years of experience which includes ceremonies, both outdoors, and indoors.

Every important person in the wedding ceremony will have his, or her own microphone hidden on their person so that their words can be heard clearly.

Each mic is controlled independently so that it is turned on only when needed and the levels are constantly monitored so that no annoying squealing is heard, and also so that every word is clearly heard.

Speakers are discreetly placed for best sound and to minimize exposure to the photographs.

I provide music up to 30 minutes before the ceremony as well as the music for the ceremony. All music selections are planned together with you.
I arrive an hour before music begins and stay until ceremony is completed.

Each ceremony is recorded and an Mp3 file will be given to you for your safe keeping.

I can archive your ceremony recording for two years for you.